UAE building a sustainable city… in the middle of a desert.


This was actually announced in 2007, the United Arab Emirates’s follow-up to the Burj Khalifa (on which construction started in ’04)–but a lot of Western countries didn’t make a big deal out of it.

But if you look at this world clock, you can see that populations are skyrocketing, and oil is depleting pretty rapidly (13,000 days left is about 35 years), so sustainability is kind of a big deal. There’s a reason sustainable engineering is catching on so quickly.

Well, the UAE have shared some more information about their plans for this city, called Masdar, including a map of what they’ve got going on right now, and planned for the future.

Map of Masdar

The proposed city is a one-mile square, with a planned residing population of 45,000 and a commuting population of 45,000 more. Everyone will get around on foot, using covered sidewalks cooled by wind-funnels and water mist (like at Disneyland)–or using those little car-pods you can see in the above graphic.

As of now, the only thing they’ve actually completed construction on is the sustainability research institute, which has ties to MIT, and seems to be the crown jewel of the city. And to make sure it’s sustainable, about 90% of its power will come from solar panels… a lot of them. 54 acres of them.


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