Sustainability in Oregon

In our previous post we shared a bit of a utopia, in terms of what sustainable engineering looks like. And though it’s really cool—its net carbon footprint is expected to be zero—it’s not the only example of sustainability; we’ve got some prime examples in Oregon

There’s an international group called LEED which basically goes around and rates buildings based on how green they are. They check for things like CO2 emissions and water/power consumption. And they’ve got a pretty intuitive ranking system: bronze is good, silver is better, gold is better-er, and platinum is better-est. (Portland actually made this list of greenest cities in the world, which is pretty impressive.)

But more than that, our universities have taken some good steps towards being green. Check out this list of LEED-certified buildings on OUS campuses:

University of Oregon

Western Oregon University

Oregon State University

Portland State University


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