Communists in space

I need to qualify this by saying that the People’s Republic of China is, indeed, communist–but that’s not the point. This is:

This is not the original video I posted; that one was removed from the public sphere of Youtube.

Okay, it is kind of the point, as you can tell from what’s said at the end. But politics aside, there’s a lot being said here.

Thanks to the Cold War, the only people who really cared about space for a long time were the Russians and the Americans. This was big enough of a deal that they named it “The Space Race,” as if there would never be another.

1989 artist's conception of a moon habitat

1989 artist's conception of a moon habitat

But the Cold War is long over, and in spite of some lingering effects of the Red Scare, China has gotten along as a Communist nation pretty well. China’s first launch into Earth orbit, in 1970, was the first big stepping stone for them. Now they want to go to the moon. I say, good for them.

With the way we’re progressing, both technologically and population-wise, the human race will have to begin colonize other space rocks eventually. America is planning on doing it soon, if you didn’t know. Japan appears to be close behind; though the project doesn’t have any funding, they plan to have a manned mission  by around 2020, and a permanent moon base ten years later. But China is the only one with a goal that would make sense to most people: they want to mine the Helium-3 isotope from the moon to use for energy.

We may see star wars in real life, yet.

Edit: You folks better remember that the NCWIT applications are due on the 15th of this month. If you are of female gender, apply. If you are a male, tell your woman-friends.

Skip reading my blog post about it and go straight to the national competition page, if you want.


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