The milestones of technology.

I was recently reminded of just how far in the future we are today when I saw this story:

I may have seen this last on James Bond, I think.

A brave gentleman named Yves Rossy, a 51-year-old former Swiss military pilot, jumped from a hot-air balloon, flew this bad boy, did two loops, and then landed via parachute. And he’s done it before. Watch this 2008 news video of an earlier flight:

A lot of work went into that jet-wing. This has been an ongoing project for many years; his first flight was in 2006, and you can guess a lot of time went into it before that.

When I was a kid, we’d already broken the sound barrier, been to the moon, invented the personal computer and the internet, and could rebuild broken people. And now we’re blazing by even more technological milestones, as technological development in this world follows Moore’s Law (intended for computers, but often generalized as I am doing now).

We’ve got jet packs which can cross the English Channel. What’s next? Well, cross a couple more off the list:

What if this idea were perfected?

  • University of Arizona professor and researcher Nasser Peyghambarian talks about his work on real-time 3d holograms. Watch the interview video where he makes the reference you’re already thinking about, at 1:30. And read BBC’s take on it.
  • This one is so out-there that the first thing you’ll think of is not sci-fi, but fantasy. British scientists are working with a material they call Metaflex, a ‘metamaterial’ which can bend light. Every news headline I’ve seen about it uses the term “Invisibility cloak.” Who wouldn’t? Check out this video.
  • Also–check out Yves Ross’s website,, to see other high-quality images of his jet-powered wing. This was my favorite; he overtakes the balloon from which he jumped.

So where is technology headed now? What milestones will be crossed next?

I’m terribly sorry; I logged in to work on tomorrow’s post and saw this, yet unpublished. This is the second time I’ve posted at the wrong time due to a simple typo. I am going to look in to a better way to automate my posting.


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