Get money to go to college, pt2

The NCWIT application post, a girls-only scholarship/contest, was part one. This one will be helpful to more people: Oregon students looking to go to Oregon colleges, for science/engineering jobs. Bookmark this entry until a weekend, or when you can set aside an hour or two to doing all this.

First, some linkage to the resources I’m pulling from:

  • Techno Science Supersite: Scholarships. Listing of some specific scholarships as well as links to other sites.
  • OSAC: Scholarship Catalog. The Oregon Student Assistance Commission has a fairly powerful catalog of Oregon scholarships, but it’s kind of messy. Click the “set filters” button near the top to weed out the duds. OSAC also has an all-encompassing application you can mail in, but a few of the scholarships on-catalog don’t accept it for their applications. So double-check.

There were a strikingly-high number of scholarships which were specific to certain high schools. Some OSAC applications are as simple as “mail your transcript if you have a 3.5 GPA and go to Some-Specific High School,” so CTRL+F your high school.

A few interesting ones to check out:

  • American Council of Engineering Companies of Oregon (On the OSAC catalog) — For high school seniors or those with no college education, with a 3.30+ GPA and either an 1800+ combined SAT scores or ACT composite of 28+. If you’re going to major in chemical, civil, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering and are going to OIT, OSU, PSU, George Fox, U of P, this is a good one. It requires a one-page essay.
  • E.T.D. Jones (On the OSAC Catalog) — For Clackamas, Lincoln, Multnomah, or Washington County residents who are: immigrants, or children of immigrants, from underdeveloped countries or the former Soviet Union; students who have completed the Portland House of Umoja program; graduates of any high school in one of the counties listed. If you have a 2.5+ GPA and plan on filling out FAFSA, you’re eligible.
  • Martina Testa Memorial — Applicants must be female high school seniors, intending to study engineering in a 4 or 5 year ABET accredited baccalaureate program. Applicants must reside and attend high school in the Willamette Valley or central Oregon coast. The scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of scholastic achievement, community involvement and work experience. The Deadline is December 17th of this year.

A lot of these guys have early-2011 deadlines. So get to it! Some advice:

  • Decide on your major. If you can’t do that, it’s no big deal— just come up with some fields you’re interested in. If the scholarship says “you must be planning on taking this major” you can still enter, even if you’re not sure. At worst, you change your mind and lose the scholarship.
  • Get a transcript from your school and a printed copy of your SAT/ACT score in advance, as most applications require that information. If your school just mails them to the places you’re applying to, get all that information ready-at-hand so you can submit your requests easily.
  • Fill out the FAFSA. Many scholarships require financial information, and thus a completed FAFSA for you to reference. You’ll need a lot of information from your guardians to get this done.

Go go go.


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