How the first transistor worked [+ Kinect & ChromeOS updates]

This is something for the knowledge junkies.

Listen to the catchy background music and the crisp sound-editing.

Actually, this is kind of a big deal. Transistors are used both to amplify and switch electrical signals. So they’re used for everything, give or take. This video does a better job of explaining it than I can. And Wikipedia too, of course. The point is not so much that you must know everything about transistors.

The point is this: meet Bill Hammack, the engineer guy. He’s a teacher at the University of Illinois. Check out his website. Call me crazy, but I like the guy specifically because he’s not even trying to be cool. His website gets straight to the point, and doesn’t try to dazzle with ‘youthful slang,’ and in his videos he speaks with that approachable-yet-authoritative voice. And his videos and radio broadcasts are all very focused. He gets straight to the point and tells you, in terms of engineering, why something is cool.

Be sure to check out:

He’s got some cool radio broadcasts too, but they’re not really engineering-related.

This reminds me of the Discovery channel, but before it was all ghost-story documentaries, Cash Cab and Storm Chasers. I didn’t mention Myth Busters and Dirty Jobs because those are almost the only good shows left on Discovery.

He doesn’t have too many videos out yet, but that’s because EngineerGuy hasn’t even been around for a year yet, on YouTube. 18 uploads a year equates to about one upload every 3 weeks, which is pretty good. Keep an eye out for future videos from him.

As a followup to our post about the Kinect, check this out:

Another followup here, this time to our Chrome OS post. Enter to test-drive one of Google’s Chrome OS netbooks for free. You have to be over 18 to sign up; if you’re not, guess what legal guardians and siblings are for.


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