Discovery TV: Time Warp

To be honest, I felt bad for knocking on one of my favorite television channels in our last post, when I implied that Discovery had very few good programs.; Discovery is still a great station if you watch the right shows!

And just to prove that I was going to introduce you to Time Warp. But it’s been taken off the air, apparently, in favor of cooler shows like Ghost Lab or something. More about it at the end of this post.

Loving my new job at the woodshop; they even gave me a nickname: Ten Fingers!
The old Ten Fingers wasn’t using it any more.

You can tell this is a good one for a few reasons: The host is an MIT scientist, the show is produced by Popular Science for the Discovery Channel, and you’ve already seen their stuff without even knowing it was them. If clips from a TV show go viral, it’s usually a good sign.

Also this.

Non-Newtonian Fluids. How bout that narrator? Little corny, but still entertaining.

Time Warp uses a high-speed camera to slow a bunch of fairly mundane events down, so you can see the more intricate laws of physics that go into them. They also use it to show you just how cool it is to dance on corn starch solution, or throw a water balloon at someone. So it winds up being fairly interesting.

The show appears to be off the air, though, so you’ll have to find what you can on YouTube, or  buy it. It does not appear to be streaming on any of the big streaming-TV websites.


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