Merry Christmas Eve!

I know not everybody celebrates it, but I do! No post today, just some of the finest links:

  • Italian-made space-saving furniture is a perfect example of elegant design-by-engineering. With the average living space getting smaller, things like this may become commonplace.
  • Not quite engineering, but this guy took some very high-quality images of Jupiter, just this last September. Yeah, he’s an amateur. Yeah, these are better than some photos from NASA.
  • Sounds like chemical engineering shenanigans, and green shenanigans at that–researchers develop a way to harvest pure hydrogen, which can be used for energy purposes. Cool part: it uses sunlight.
  • Man who was blinded for ten years can see again, thanks to an artificial cornea. I wonder what kind of person made this possible?
  • Chinese is supposedly going to soon become the dominant language of the internet. Learn Chinese!
  • I posted about Canadian-made ornithopters, but here’s an American-made solar-powered airplane, which flew for two weeks!
  • And finally, one for the holiday shopping season: Male and Female shopping styles have been connected to our hunter/gatherer traditions. Makes sense. Women shop by browsing and looking for the best things, while men use spears and rocks to kill mastodons.

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