Strait Power straight-up powers, under water.

Meet Anthony Reale. He’s got a good sense of humor. He’s also an Engineer. This is a video about his senior project for the College of Creative Studies.

“Without the dam problem.”
graphic of the Strait Power hydroelectric unit

Water is taken in where all those arrows point. Just like you'd expect. (From the Strait Power blog)

Here’s his blog on Strait Power. Gray text on a gray background isn’t nice, but it’s worth a read. Or at least a skim. The point of this unit is to produce hydroelectric power without having to build a massive dam every time you want to do so. So he got to designing this thing, Strait Power, and now it’s what you see.

Jump to 12:22 for how Reale plans to apply this to the real world. Live by a river? Get one of these installed. His idea for Strait Power barges is really cool, too; sounds like he wants to make a floating island, which would act as a wildlife refuge, with lots of these turbines stuck along the bottom of it to generate power.

Seriously, you could put these most anywhere with very little disruption of the area wildlife. This is the water version of windfarming, which has already caught on throughout the whole world.

I’d call this a pretty good step in the right direction.


One thought on “Strait Power straight-up powers, under water.

  1. hi thanks for the promo. i went to the college for creative studies not U of M. And I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in Product Design.. U of M worked with me.

    thanks for the push.

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