CES 2011

Every year in January, there is an event called the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where the next years biggest products are showcased. Because it’s a big deal for the technology world we live in, I’m going to link you to a few of the coolest highlights.

Wireless power: catching on in 2011

One of the worlds most rugged hard drives. This is the kind of thing you’d see in a Zero Halliburton
in a secret-agent movie.

This is the first American paraplegic to try out the Robot Suit HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb).

The sequel to one of the most popular puzzle games of 2007 demoed with its new (optional?) control system.

This one is spun pretty hard as an advertisement, but this is the demo of Microsoft’s Surface 2.0.
The technology used in this could catch on bigtime.

These technologies brought to you by engineers of many kinds!


2 thoughts on “CES 2011

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