PSU’s Engineering Discovery Showcase

It is what it sounds like. Things will be showcased, so you can discover stuff about engineering. What kinds of things?

Image of a go-kart

Things like this

The PSU Engineering Discovery Showcase (EDS) is on February 18th (a Friday), and registration is officially opened. Because it’s a weekday, you’ll likely be in school unless you’ve got a day off. Know what to do? Talk to your science teacher and coerce them into organizing a field trip.

image of a guy on a table, pointing at something

These people drink coca-cola. They need caffeine to keep their brains overclocked.

It won’t be hard to do; the whole affair is specifically designed to be educational and useful. It’s likely your teachers have already heard about it. If that’s the case, ask them why they aren’t already organizing a field trip. Puppy-dog eyes work well for this.

At PSU EDS, you’ll be able to get info about what it’s like to be an engineering or computer science student in the Maseeh College of Engineering at PSU. You’ll be able to meet grad students, and hear what kinds of jobs they’re getting; you’ll meet some cool professors, and see what they’re currently working on or researching. Along the way you can check out some high-tech lab equipment, too.

image of a reclined tricycle

Is it a recliner? Is it an urban trike?

If you plan on going with a group of five or more, you’ve got to register by the end of the month. If you can’t convince a teacher to take you (one month is kinda sorta maybe short notice for a field trip), consider doing the following:

  1. Thousands of angry letters. Get everyone fired! (Hint: don’t do this)
  2. Ask your folks to take you instead, or plan on going with a friend. Or go by yourself.
  3. Get the day off (easier than you think—especially if you’re going to something like this.)
  4. Profit!!! (…is there a step missing?)

And here’s the info page on the PSU website.

Image of a go-kart

It's green, which indicates also that it's probably 'green.' If you know what I mean.

You get lunch for going. And are automatically entered into a raffle. Details on the prizes when available.


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