Link Dump 01-28-11

Too many cool Friday things;  it seems we’re about ready for another respectable link dump.

  • Canadian engineer Raymond Li builds a water-powered jetpack that doesn’t run out of fuel in 10 seconds. Hose powered, with a jet-ski thing at the other end. Awesome.
  • Speaking of cool ways to get around, a former engineer for BMW, Porsche and Ferrari proposes a ‘traffic internet’ which can get you anywhere in the world in two hours. Powered by Tron motorcycles.
  • Volkswagen’s new concept car goes over 300 miles on a gallon of gas. Yes of course it’s a hybrid. My car doesn’t get 300 miles to a tank.

    Image of a juicebox computer

    This baby can power 100 computers. Photo credit.

  • But if you think that’s energy-efficient, you can check out a 1GHz computer with a 64GB drive and decent integrated graphics, which only takes 3 watts of power and is as big as your wallet.
  • If you’re sick of the slow computers at school, link this to your science teachers and try to push to make this happen: a single computer which powers several, and at good speed. I know a few schools around the state have these already; they’re a much cheaper way to upgrade than buying a few hundred completely new computers.
  • An interesting article which discusses privacy concerns regarding Google. Personally I think since one of Google’s original founders is taking the reigns again (effective April of this year) it’s not a concern. But they certainly have a lot of power in their hands.
  • Also read about Google’s “censoring” search results for torrent websites. It’s more likely that they’re doing this to cover their own backs, so if you get sued for searching piracy websites Google can say “Yeah no, they definitely had to type every letter of ‘bittorrent’ themselves. We didn’t autocomplete for them. So they definitely went there on purpose.” In other words, don’t pirate things.
  • That Chinese company which built a 15-floor hotel in 6 days is now pledging to build a 200-floor skyscraper in 6 months. Read this article about it. Cool videos at the bottom.
  • Finally, some BYU chemists found a way to turn gold purple. How useless—wait, you mean to say this has potential for a new, extremely-efficient form of solar power? Sick.

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