Link Dump 2-11-11 [+ Scholarship info]

Before our link dump, check these out. The school year is more than half way done—if you’re a graduating senior, it’s time to start hammering out those scholarships, if you haven’t already.

A couple Oregon scholarships worth looking in to:

Check out the OASSA scholarship, which gives out 2 $1000 scholarships a year for graduating seniors. You’ve got to be the kid of an OASSA member, though. Due on the 25th of this month.

Here’s a bigger one, the COSA scholarship. They give out 12 $1000 scholarships. You don’t need to be the kid of a COSA member; you just need an endorsement from one. Ask if your principal (or the principals from your elementary/middle schools) are members of COSA. Applications have to be postmarked on the 25th of this month. The application looks pretty simple, and shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. $1000 for a few hours of work is pretty good money, so get over your senioritis and geterrdun.

Now for some of the finest links.

infographic about making good passwords

Here's a nice infographic about making secure passwords. Worth a look.

  • President Obama pitches an $18 billion wireless broadband plan that could shape the future of the internet (in America).
  • Cool historical article about the women computers of World War 2. Hard-working women who did the complex math before we had computers (as we think of them now) to do it for us. Many of them were in high school when they did the job. And many of them became computer programmers.
  • Volkswagen’s website “The Fun Theory,” posts videos about experiments to make people do the right thing by making it fun to do. Simple stuff like going the speed limit or recycling glass. Cool videos. Possibly old, but.
  • Not much to say, other than here’s a video of a robot ordering a scone from a coffee shop.
  • Cool concept images of a bridge which would be supported by several wind turbines. Could power 15,000 homes.
  • I think Google demoed this at CES this year, but here’s the official release of their translate app. Translates speech into text from over 50 languages.
  • Starbucks gives a few of their locations touchscreen computer windows. What. The… “Don’t lick the glass.”
  • Google introduce a free two-factor login system for all of its users. After you login with your password, they text another simple password (which expires shortly after) to your phone. So even if someone hacks you, they can’t log in. Cool. Also, the CIA does this.
  • Cool simple invention: puts your smartphone onto a pivoting mount, which follows a little thing you wear. Lets you have a robot cameraman.

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