Helsinki, Finland goes underground

Nobody would blame you for not knowing this (except the Finnish), but the capital of Finland is Helsinki. Finland is a pretty cool place, in general: it’s all pretty gorgeous, everyone is nice, the crime rate is low in spite of it being the 4th most armed country in the world, the education is good and without tuition, and high-speed internet is a constitutional right. They’re known for having pretty good computer engineering colleges, and literally every Finn is a genius. They all do calculus in gradeschool (okay, I made that part up).

Can you tell I like the place?

Well, here’s yet another reason why Finland is pretty cool. Helsinki has a population of over 500,000 and continues to grow–but city planners and leaders want to preserve the beauty and low-rise construction of the place.  So they did what anyone would do. They decided to expand the city underground. This video gives you a pretty good perspective, from an engineering standpoint, on what it took and is taking to do this:

Helsinki: Minecraft in real life.

Pretty impressive, no? They use some creative methods for saving energy, like using seawater to cool their data centers. Living in a place like this would be pretty exciting!


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