Use Kinect to automate your house. Or your dorm.

Yet another bored and awesome programmer found another use for the Kinect. Instead of a gimmicky control for a videogame, an interesting 3d camera, or one of the other cool ideas thus far, this guy did something which would be immediately beneficial:

And it flushes his toilet when he leaves the bathroom.

This guy is a prime example of a homebrew programmer. It’s not entirely clear what SDK he’s using (you might have heard Microsoft is releasing their SDK for the kinect on PC—but some others are out there already), but he’s got his Kinect hooked up to an automation device.

So basically, he’s got his lighting system already hooked up to a system like this, and is simply using the Kinect to control it. But that’s because he’s in a house.

Let’s say someone was in a dorm. Not as much space there. Fewer lights to control. Someone rigging a dorm to function like this might not need a full-on automation system, and would do just fine with a couple computer-controlled power switches (the link takes you to instructions for making your own; takes a little EE-fu, and probably some CS-fu for programming the Kinect, but that shouldn’t be hard to either Google or find help with. And the best way to learn is by doing!

And if you have any questions regarding what this guy did on the Kinect side of things, contact him on his blog (which is riddled with cool stuff as it is).

Home automation like this might soon become standard, as computer systems become cheaper and more accessible—and as the human race tries even harder to stretch our resources, and save where it can. So be one of the first people to have it. And have the satisfaction of saying you did it.


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