EngineerGuy is back

And he’s making a fresh sweep of nice videos. Here’s my personal favorite so far:

Bill Hammack: if Bill Nye were less spastic. But maybe that’s apples and oranges.

Looks like he’s making one video a week, for ‘series 3.’ Check out GetReal’s last post about the EngineerGuy for links to the youtube channel, Hammack’s website, as well as another video in the post. And see this video featured on engadget.

The knowledge it takes to make something like this:

  • Physics—how light and colors work, as well as electrical currents
  • Chemistry—understanding the behavior of those liquid crystal molecules
  • Electrical Engineering—basically a culmination of various sciences, applied to learning how to make things happen. Also, you’ve got to know what other EEs have already figured out.
  • Gaming—gamers are some of the biggest monitor entrepreneurs out there, so you’ve gotta know what they want.

There’s something about Hammack, just like Salman Khan and his website Khan Academy (which just got featured in our last link-dump post) which makes them easy to listen to. It’s probably that these guys seem to actually give a care about what they’re teaching. Maybe it’s easier to get interested in something if you’re hearing about it from someone who is interested in it.

I’d love to see an Oregonian start making instructional videos for something.


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