OGPC 4.0, registration deadline extended!

Been a while since we reminded you to sign up for OGPC 4.0. Since then, the folks at TechStart have decided on a theme: disaster response and recovery. It fits the unfortunate time, what with the recent natural disasters hitting Japan and the Pacific Ocean. It would make a good genre for a top-down strategy game; something like Sim City mixed with Starcraft. But it would be fun to approach from any angle.

Stuff like this looks pretty great on a resume, especially for students interested in computer science, or programming. Check out TechStart’s OGPC video, from last year’s competition:

There are six days more to sign up for this year’s OGPC competition; the deadline is the 27th of this month.

That means you’ve got to rally the troops and assemble a team pronto. It’s Spring Break, yeah, but that’s a perfect excuse to torture your teacher by calling them to talk about giving them more work! (seriously though, teaching is a labor of love so don’t be afraid to ask; look your teacher’s number up in your school directory)

Read the theme details and guidelines [pdf], and please ignore where it says there are five genres of games. Besides forgetting platformer games (one of the biggest genres), it’s simply no true. Some of the most successful indie games being produced these days are unique and creative.

Plus, there are two competitive tracks: Game Maker (a really extensive IDE for games with both a visual programming layout and an old-school coding one; and Open, which lets you use whatever programming software you’d like. Lots of options!

Finally, check out the OGPC website, and check out the links on the right sidebar. And then sign up.

(And if you’re a high school student doing programming work, look forward to meeting me, because I’ll be there as a judge! I’ll be wearing orange, so if you see me tell me you saw my blog post! It will make my day and I’ll have to give you a perfect rating or something.)


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