Canadian surgeons use Kinect during surgeries, Eh?

So you know how doctors have to basically strip to nothing and completely sterilize themselves before they perform surgery? That’s so they don’t infect you.

Know how some surgeries are especially tedious, and require a lot of recon? What if they’re working somewhere they can’t simply cut their way in to, and need to insert tiny cameras? What if they need to get in there and take pictures or do scans before they continue surgery?

They’ve already got you opened up just for taking the pictures. Then they have to go out of the operating room, look at the pictures, and go through that horrible sterilization process again. That can take a while.

Image from the TV show Firefly; doctor uses no-touch interface

They've had this in SciFi for a while. This particular shot is from Firefly.

Well, what if someone had a bright idea?

These folks did: a Canadian hospital near Toronto, called Sunnybrook Hospital, rigged an Xbox Kinect up in the operating room, and connected it to their viewing screens. That means they can get in there, do whatever recon they need, and view it while still in the operating room. They can use no-touch gestures to control everything, and they can save a lot of time.

Time can potentially mean someone’s life.

They’ve already done six operations using this hacked Kinect. And the folks who designed it for this hospital are hoping to spread the word.

Think about this approach here: While normal medical equipment costs tens of thousands of dollars, this $150 accessory for a videogame console (and some smart programming) is now being put to work as medical equipment.

Things like this are exactly why Microsoft decided to release the SDK for the Kinect; so they can do their part in helping increase the awesome.

Read what I read:


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