Predator will find you and… continue finding you

Zdenek Kalal (that’s pronounced, “wow he’s smart”), a student at the University of Surrey (in the UK), has been doing some impressive work with cameras. He calls his work TLD because it tracks, learns, and detects.

All you have to do is drag a box around what you want to track, and the software does the rest. You can see on the sides where it learns what is and isn’t its target.

Yeah. It spotted him out of 30 other faces.

He demonstrates some other ways this technology can be used, all of which seem pretty useful.  He answers a few questions on the Predator project page of his website. Oh, and you can also find a downloadable demo of Predator, which you can use on your webcam. It’s pretty fun, so give it a try (Windows only; download and install MCR and MS C++ 2008 to get it to work, and be sure to read the readme just in case!)

Want to see what kind of work it takes to get a PhD? Quite a bit (link to his PhD thesis). But it’s all interesting.


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