Win $π×1000 — Scholarship info

That’s $3141.59, by the way. A pretty hefty sum of money. And you can win it in the form of a scholarship by finding a creative use for pi. Link to the instructions at the end; they say they will accept “any form of media,” and it goes on to list a few examples:

  • Video
  • Cartoons
  • Poetry
  • Artwork
  • Photographs of fabric, metal, or food (I’m not even sure this makes sense, but it’s on there)

The angle they want is some creative, mathematical use of it. Here’s a good example I found

It really picks up after a minute or two.

Don’t be turned off by how cool this is. This guy used some somewhat advanced music theory and applied it to the best of his ability. But the point is he did what he knows. Do what you know.

Instructional page to enter the contest. Deadline is the 26th, so get to it!


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