Transistors get an upgrade: a new dimension. +50% efficiency!

You may remember our post about how transistors work, featuring an EngineerGuy video—his videos give great explanations. At least knowing what a transistor is is pretty important, because they’re the foundation for just about every piece of technology we’ve got.

Well, big news in the transistor world: Intel has just announced a 3d transistor design, which is supposed to be faster and much more energy-efficient than normal, 2d transistors.

Image of 2d planar transistors, compared to the 3d trigate transistors

The Tri Gate transistors are not only smaller, but have an additional East-to-West direction. This is supposed to make things as much as 50% more energy efficient— a huge change

A more detailed rundown of trigate transistors is at Ars Technica. Pretty interesting writing, so give it a read.

This can mean something big for you. If you plan on being an electrical engineer, this kind of information is vital as it will likely be the foundation of a lot of the work you do as an adult—a lot of ECE graduates work on designing and making computer chips. And if not, it means computers are going to get even smaller and more efficient—possibly cheaper.

Read what I read (in the order I found them):


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