Calling it now: Android and Kinect working together.

Google just did something pretty cool: they released something called the Android Open Accessory Toolkit for their mobile devices, which will allow an Android phone to interface with just about any kind of gadget.

The move on its own is similar to Microsoft releasing the Kinect SDK, in that it will allow homebrew hackers and hobbyists to use the tool in a variety of creative ways. Think of it this way: now that Kinect can be customized by any programmer who wants to, it’s being used in myriad awesome ways. And now that any coder can connect their Android to just about anything they want—keyboards, mice, and just about anything with that USB interface—you can increase the functionality of your phone however you want.

So just to be clear, it shouldn’t be long until we see someone adding a Kinect to their Android and doing something crazy with it.

Android@Home logo

One of the first implementations of this new release is called "Android@Home," which lets someone control their home lights and TVs with their Android.

Again smartphones are fairly cheap. You can find them for as little as $100 on Craigslist, and probably even less. Grab a used one and get tinkering. A lot of people learn best by doing, so this is the best route to take if you want to get with the program. And remember, mobile devices are becoming the swiss-army knife of this age, and it’s where most computing is moving to. Away from computers (save those for the heavy lifting), and to cell phones (which are more convenient for the easy stuff).

If you don’t see the point in buying an Android phone, just to code, you can download a virtual machine of Android—which basically means you can run it inside your computer. So install that and start tinkering on your PC.

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2 thoughts on “Calling it now: Android and Kinect working together.

  1. I`m too much into Android as this is the coolest thing I`ve ever come across…As I`m a newbie to Java, like to jump into Android Development too..crazy about Android Market and Apps…how they work?

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