Feynman: Get as much bologna out of our sandwich as you can

A lot of people get into science because they have some inspirational figure. Usually it’s someone like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla or Hedy Lamarr. But today we’re gonna talk about Richard Feynman, a famous physicist and a bit of a spectacle. Here’s a friend of his, talking about him:

Feynman was a fan of  the KISS principle (not the old band)

It might be more interesting to hear the man himself talk, though. Check out a series Feynman did on BBC way back in the day, called “Fun to Imagine.” Some of the things he describes are fairly elementary today (like the first one, heat), but his explanations are still pretty cool.

Feynman was great because he like to keep things simple. And he believed that if you couldn’t explain something simply, you didn’t really understand it. And he was known for being kind of boisterous and aggressive.

Read about the work he did on Richard Feynman’s wiki. He was famous for winning the Nobel prize, inventing the Feynman diagram, and many other things, so give it a look.


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