An open-source… flashlight?

Relatively short post today, but an interesting one.

There’s a fantastic website called KickStarter, where groups looking to get their projects funded can go. The premise is pretty simple, and a lot of people are using it to start videogames, companies, movies, and several other cool things.

It's a USB flashlight. What why.

This one I found is HexBright. It’s an open-source flashlight, designed by a mechanical engineer. How can a website be open-source? Well, it’s fully programmable, and over 5 times as bright as a regular flashlight. You can program it to flash in different brightnesses, strobe, fade in or out, pulse, or anything you want. He’s got no idea what’s going to happen. No idea what people will do with it.

And the whole point of his project is to give people a new medium for creativity. The army could use it as a tactical light, police could use it for drug busts, civilians could use it for home defense, and anyone could use it for fun.

I think it’s a really good idea, albeit simple, because it will get people thinking. What sorts of ideas come to mind for you? Be creative!


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