Techno Science Supersite finds you summer fun

Now that high school students around the state are getting out for the summer (very soon, if not already) it’s time to start thinking of things to do. Wasting your time is fun, and a great relief—but you’ll get sick of that doldrums really quick. And a lot of summer programs, while still good for learning science and engineering, aren’t exactly academic. Throwing parachute-rigged eggs off of a building is a little more fun than learning the quadratic formula.

So here’s this website, called Techno Science Supersite, which lists all the cool things going on around the summer. Unfortunately a few of the summer program and summer camp deadlines have already passed—but check out the links because some of them extended their deadlines!

Moreover, there are some solid-looking clubs which have things going on during the summer. If you’re a girl, look at AWSEM because it’s a good program and it’s been around for a while. Intel has a tech clubhouse which looks pretty cool; It’s based in the Beaverton Police Activities League building.

If it’s time for you to start looking at colleges, get a head start on scholarships. There are a lot of scholarships for local colleges, and applications aren’t very tough. Great if your folks are pressuring you to get a few done over the summer—or if you know you’re gonna have to pay for college, and you want to stay out of debt.


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