Build the tricorder, win $10 million.

Has anyone ever thought it’s weird to write it like that? I always say “ten dollars million.” Someone should fix that.

Star Trek is kind of an old TV show, but it’s a favorite among nerds and geeks. On it, there’s this thing called the tricorder, which is used for collecting and recording data, and then analyzing it. It’s a generally super-useful thing.

Well, the X-Prize foundation has decided to give ten million dollars to anyone who can make a fully-functional tricorder. Because like a lot of sci-fi, the fictional gadgets wind up becoming feasible and possible, and would be really useful to have.

It would take some really heavy CS kung-fu to make one, but I think it’s possible.

Read what I read:


2 thoughts on “Build the tricorder, win $10 million.

  1. It IS possible. I made 2 Tricorders 15yrs ago to make it do “actual” things. One being a voice recorder (at the time limited to seconds).

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