Talk about DIY — Hillsboro High student makes her own girls-only daycamp for engineering

If you want to jump straight to the event info, skip to the next section. Otherwise, here’s some background:

One of the biggest issues in engineering today is that it’s not a terribly diverse crowd. It’s definitely getting better, but the stereotype of an engineer is still a white guy with glasses, a plaid t-shirt, and a big wristwatch.

But one of the cool things about Oregon is that our engineering crowd is one of the most diverse around. Really diverse backgrounds mean more kinds of minds solving the same problems, which means better inventions.

Here's Savannah on the left, receiving an NCWIT award for being an awesome girl in IT.The woman on the right, Tamsen Galloway (who works at ViaWest, a big data center company) is going to be a speaker at Girls Get IT!

Savannah Loberger, a junior at Hillsboro High, knows this personally.

This girl is ten kinds of impressive, especially if you’re looking for an engineer. She’s been in to engineering and robotics since the 5th grade, when she did a day camp through the Girl Scouts. When she went into high school, she got serious. Now, she’s been an FLL team captain for 3 years, an FTC co-captain for 2, has mentored 2 teams and has started 8. Oh yeah, and she won NCWIT award this year for being a generally inspiring and awesome girl in the info/tech world.

Well since she’s a Girl Scout, she’s got to do her Gold Award project to continue the trend of awesomeness. So she combined her interests and organized an event she dubbed “Girls Get IT!”

About Girls Get IT! (pdf of the flyer) :

What we’re looking at here is a 5-day long daycamp for 7th to 12th grade girls (If you’re a guy, it’s your duty to tell every single girl you know. The point is to make a good all-girl environment to encourage folks who might otherwise be turned off by the typically all-dude engineering classrooms). It goes from July 25th to the 29th.

It’s going to be at Hillsboro High, where Savannah is going to school. Pretty close, if you’re in the Portland area.

She’s going to go through programming, using HTML and Java, as well as electronics and soldering, CAD (designing stuff in 3-d on a computer, which is a handy skill for engineers to have), and a lot more too. The kicker (and maybe main attraction) is that she welcomes girls who know nothing about any of this. In fact, since she is trying to spread the good news and not preach to the choir, she might even prefer you to be new to the field.

Applications are free, but if you get in you’ve got to cough up $20 to cover the cost of all the supplied foodstuffs, snackage and t-shirts. Not much, for a 5-day gig! Speaking of which, applications are due on the 8th of July.

If you want in, give Savannah an email at and let her know. She’ll send you the application, and get the ball rolling.


3 thoughts on “Talk about DIY — Hillsboro High student makes her own girls-only daycamp for engineering

  1. Savannah,

    I just saw info about GirlsGetInTech in my SAO newsletter. Is the camp full? My daughter will be going into 7th grade. But she is also signed up for Apple Camp that week so would be able to attend your camp all of MTF but only 9-10 W&Th.

    Let me know if she can still register.

    Pamela Harrison
    360 904-5089

    • Pamela,

      Thanks for your feedback, but to contact Savannah you’re going to have to email her. This blog is part of the Oregon University System. Send her an email at — from the pdf we linked to in this post!

      Hope all works out for you!

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