Game On 2.0, at OMSI

For a lot of people, summer time means gaming time. With no school or homework, why do something lame like get a job? (hint: you could buy your own computer if you mowed lawns or something, and then you could teach yourself programming). Well, the folks at OMSI have a pretty fun job. Being that they’re the museum of science and industry, they like to teach people about stuff that includes both those things. Like computer science, and the gaming industry. Wait a sec.

Over 125 playable games and 50 years of gaming history.

Gaming is good for your brain, if you play the right games. Not just puzzle games, either: games like Civilization, StarCraft and SimCity—even World of Warcraft requires goal-setting, data-processing and group-organizing skills.

An argument that certain games are complex and good for your brain would be that it takes very advanced computer scientists to help computers play them. Read about some computer scientists who programmed some AI for the game Civilization 5.

Even mobile games like Angry Birds are being used in physics classrooms. What’s that tell you?

This event will teach you about the culture and industry of gaming, and that means you’ll also learn about the programmers who made the games. It’s worth going to, especially if you’re a programmer who’s inspired by computer games. It’s running through the 19th of September; check out their official page for more info.

Read what I read:


2 thoughts on “Game On 2.0, at OMSI

  1. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the link! (to my game list)

    I was sadly unable to get to GO2 when it was in Australia (several hours planeflight away – we’re a big country!) but hopefully, when it’s next downunder… 😉

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