Being a good engineer is all about creativity.

They reduced the average speed to 25 km/h, exactly the speed limit, just by making it into a game. Photo from the youtube video

Engineering is all about safety and effectiveness, as we know. But engineering comes in many forms. While it typically includes technology in some way, sometimes you have to take other realms into account to complete the job. For example, social engineering.

The concept is simple. People like games, and won’t mind jumping through a couple simple hoops to have a chance at winning something. And a civil engineer might be given a job to design a speed limit sign which makes more people follow the speed limit.

This guy, an honorary engineer because of this, designed the speed camera lottery. It’s a camera that tickets speeders by scanning their license plate, and then uses the money collected to do a lottery, which all non-speeding drivers are automatically entered in. Check out this video:

Civil engineering meets social engineering.

The lesson here is more of a heuristic one than anything else: engineering isn’t always about building the most advanced piece of technology. Sometimes it’s about applying simple technology in a creative way, like here.


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