Chinese cars don’t need drivers any more.

Here's a map of the trip China's autonomous car drove, in relation to Nanjing (one of the bigger cities)

If you want to have some extra time getting ready for work, free up your driving time by letting your car do it. That was all the rage a while back, when Europe had news of driverless cars in “road trains.” Very cool.

But China took it even further by making autonomous driverless cars.

They essentially had some computer scientists develop software to control the car and monitor its vitals (speed, fuel, nearby cars, weather, and so forth) and make decisions about navigation. According to this ChinaDaily article, the only thing they manually did was set a maximum speed of 54 miles per hour, about 85 kilometers per hour.

What this indicates is that driverless transportation is not far down the road (ohoho). If you’re looking into programming as a profession, you can kill two birds with one stone by learning about AI pathfinding (for game programming!). That’ll give you a basis for how vehicles like this find their way around.

Read what I read:


2 thoughts on “Chinese cars don’t need drivers any more.

  1. Yes, read about the AI Car, which is remotely controlled by a ‘driver’ elsewhere. It is similar as when we played the remote car when we were still young. 🙂

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