Flick the switch on–science time.

Larry Flick, OSU's CoE Dean, among his science-toy bounty from his dangerous youth as middle school science teacher.

OSU has a new Dean of the College of Education. Larry Flick (see, it was a pun) is going to be that Dean, and because of that will oversee the Science and Mathematics Education Department. This Gazette Times article says that it’s going to mean a bright future for science, technology, engineering and math.

The university is already known for being really strong in sciencey subjects. Considering OSU has already done so well with their Formula One team, and Mini Baja team, and Mars Rover team, having Flick on the roster in the College of Education (by the way, that’s where you learn about education and how to teach) means that OSU is going to focus even harder on being the scary-impressive engineering college they are.

Maybe OSU will someday start a project like this one going on in Japan, where a robot learns skills and applies them to any job, rather than learning instructions for one specific job. And that project will be headed by teachers who went through the College of Education, and populated by students who had teachers from that college.

It’s good to have passionate people in charge–you can tell this guy cares since he was willing to teach middle school (also known as a scary place for teachers and students. But the people who can make the most difference are the folks who might go through his College (read: you, if you want to teach) and the people who can benefit from his influence (read: you).


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