Link Dump 8-26

Not much to say, but plenty of great engineering links to share!

  • Here’s an article about the 13-year-old kid’s science experiment, which recently got debunked as flawed. He won an award, though!
  • Another interesting mistake in the world of science–this one is engineering, specifically. DARPA’s Mach-20 plane/shace-ship/rocket/spy-jet/missile system called the “HTV-2” disappeared 9 minutes into its 30-minute flight. Going that fast, it’s likely that one tiny thing went wrong and the whole craft instantly disintegrated. Cool but scary?
  • Let’s hope this one doesn’t go wrong. Russia’s Kremlin (residence place for the president) gave the go on a $65 billion plan to build a ‘chunnel’ through the Bearing Strait. That’s a 64 mile gap, more than twice as long as The Chunnel, which connects England and France. Ride a train from London to New York, the long way.
  • If this is true, it’s awesome: NASA is developing a ‘lasercom’ system which will stream HD video feeds from mars rover cameras, using lasers. Everything about that sentence is awesome. Optical communication (Whether FiOs or laser) seems to be the wave of the future. But it’s also a particle, so maybe it’s the particle of the future. No, wait, light is both a wave and a particle. What? Forget it. Lasers are cool.
  • MIT developed a new wireless security that can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks without a password. Wireless security is a growing field, considering the recent explosion of wireless devices. Future job?
  • For nuclear engineers and laser enthusiasts alike, it’s now feasible to use lasers to purify uranium. Yes, lasers are awesome. Although it raises some political concerns, true engineers might try to avoid politics, and only worry about inventing ways to make the world more awesome.
  • One way to be a greengineer is to find ways in which energy is squandered and tap into that. Here’s one way: liquid-metal shoes, which harvest your footsteps for energy. Again, a sentence which is comprised entirely of awesome.

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