Labor Day link dump

Happy Labor Day to everyone! In celebration, we’re doing a mini link-dump to some of mankind’s most ambitious projects—all of which are marvels in engineering and human labor!

  • MSNBC’s top 10: “Humankind’s most ambitious science projects.”
  • While the Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure in the world right now, Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia has been approved for construction and will take its place around 2017! It will stand one mile tall.
  • Here’s a video of Bagger 288, the world’s largest land vehicle. Enjoy the weird, weird, apocalyptic techno song. Someone had fun with this video.
  • Check out ASIMO, which is still considered by many to be the world’s most advanced robot. Except maybe this kid.
  • Some of the most ambitious (hypothetical) bridge designs. And some of the most ambitious transportation projects, a few of which overlap with that last link.

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