Link Dump 09-09

We’ve got two link dumps close together, but this one has more of a focus on local news, as opposed to marvels of human engineering and labor.

  • OSU’s solar vehicle team lost a $100,000 solar-powered car to a battery explosion. Semi-graphic slideshow here; the left/right arrows are just to the top-right of the first photo. Just proof that if you want to be an engineer, you’ve got to take chances, make mistakes and sometimes get messy.
  • That used to be a solar-powered car... :C

    Not local, but cool: hexagonal panels that could make vehicles invisible to infrared detection.

  • Another OSU news item: a grad student is around Japan, studying the effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
  • An awesome news article about how PSU is trying to get more “females, students from minority or low-income backgrounds, or those who are first in their families to attend college” to become engineers!
  • A lot of colleges in the state use Higher One credit/banking for their student accounts. It’s cool because your ID doubles as a card for food and stuff, but you get hammered with huge fees if you’re not careful. Read this article to learn how to keep safe when you use your Higher One card in college.
  • The National Science Foundation granted UO and OSU with $20 million total for some science collaboration programs between the schools. So if you’re going into greengineering (specifically, “sustainable materials chemistry,” the study of making materials that are biodegradable or nonhazardous, and cheap to produce), this is relevant!

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