Engineering can treat cancer and peel grapes.

Engineering is more than just designing robots and using technology: it’s about solving problems to make the world a better place. The point is that engineering isn’t the end. It’s the means to an end. The end can be whatever you want: helping people in poverty, cleaning oil spills, revolutionizing the computing world, designing videogames, making space ships or helping the environment. All of these problems can be solved by a good engineer.

Most of the time, though, solving those problems necessitates using technology in some way. And here’s a really cool example:

Those scissors look scary until you remember that they’re smaller than a grape.

Controlled by a human, it gives the surgeon greater dexterity, and a much closer look at what they’re working on. Still in 3d, too. With this kind of control and dexterity, it’s much easier and safer to do very minute surgeries–like removing cancerous tumors, for example.


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