PSU teaches greengineering

As if we didn’t have enough in the way of great engineering colleges, PSU has one of the widest and most diverse. Plus, they made record enrollment this year, with over 28,000 students.

infographic of PSU's 2011 enrollment

image from PSU's Vanguard newspaper

As you might know, the Institute for Sustainable Solutions is one of the biggest colleges it has, and one of the things PSU is known for. Basically having to do with coming up with strategies for continuing the growth of the human race, but in a way that won’t, you know, end the world.

In any case, ISS does a lot of cool things. Recently, 5 ISS students went to The Netherlands’s Radboud University Nijmegen to study ways to prevent flooding and enhance livability at river deltas. River deltas are known to be problematic but important to keep around, so this kind of study is pretty unique and important.

One of the coolest parts is that they get to work with other international sustainability students from Germany, Indonesia, Sweden and (obviously) The Netherlands.

Sounds like a group of problem solvers. Maybe not traditional engineers, but engineering nonetheless. Bet you a degree in this would look good aside an engineering degree.

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