College goes spacebound: PSU’s doing experiments on the ISS

It’s no surprise that PSU is a great place for engineers. Besides a really great sustainability department, there are some professors who really throw themselves at what they do by teaching at multiple levels.

The International Space Station: Facility of international earthen experiments

As it happens, PSU has also got myriad programs to make use of their awesome facilities. For example, one room in PSU’s engineering building is currently being used to monitor an experiment they’re conducting on the International Space Station.

And true to the nature of the ISS, it’s an international project. PSU is working with the University of Bremen, a German school. Because of time zone differences, the project can get the 24-hour management it needs.

The project itself is pretty cool, too. The two schools ares testing how fluids (fuel, in this case) behave in space, to reduce the amount of bubbling (which is bad, and common in zero-gravity) and increase efficiency.

It’s a big step up from the drop-towers both PSU and University of Bremen have, which can only give a few seconds of zero-gravity.

All the equipment for this experiment was sent up via space shuttle last year, but just got set up a bit less than a month ago, and data only started getting collected on the 21st of September. The data collection will continue through the 15th, and maybe as late as the 29th.


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