Computers are our future—Computer Science is yours

As you may have heard, one of the founding fathers of computing technology died recently.

That’s right: Dennis Ritchie, creator of the programming language C and a founding father of UNIX, died at age 70. What, did you think we were talking about someone else? Don’t confuse a computer entrepreneur with a computer scientist. Dennis Ritchie was a computer scientist and a great one at that. Read more about the man known as dmr.

Time goes on, and there’s now even more room for some new names to work their way into the history of computer science. Names of people like you, who have ideas, brains, and an opinion on how they want things to be. There are tons of fields someone with those traits can go into, but consider this:

Is the baby wrong, or are magazines really just broken tablet computers?

It’s both scary and exhilarating to think about the fact that computers are just so intrinsically a part of our lives, that a whole generation of people are going to grow up considering tablet computers the thing, and magazines the spinoff, rather than the other way around. This is what happens when innovation is successful: it becomes the standard.

Network speeds are increasing to the point where we can transfer huge files (for research, of course) in seconds, which makes research, programming and knowledge transfer extremely easy for everyone.

The whole world is changing beneath our feet and, honestly, it’s all wet cement right now. You can get stuck in it because it’s kind of mucky and tough, or you can just try to mold it to your liking—hopefully something you can walk on. Maybe get to work on developing AI for the moon-mining-robot expedition which is sure to happen someday, now that titanium has been discovered on it.


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