Link Dump 10-21

Today we’ll just pass on some of the most interesting science, engineering and CS links around!

  • Check out this new medical ID card, which has a 1GB data stick. Sometimes solving problems is just about having a good idea.
  • Think of just how you would program a robot to build itself with foam.
  • Speaking of programming, check out this cool 3d interface Microsoft is working on. But how to make the interface usable in the real world?
  • Some hilarious news: MC Hammer is launching his own search engine. He wants to beat Google. Does he have the CS to do it?
  • A very cool phenomenon called quantum levitation, briefly explained. This particular type of quantum levitation is called “flux pinning,” and could have applications in a lot of places if some clever engineer found a way to make superconductors more usable. Hint hint.
  • This new kind of camera uses some powerful hardware and software to capture a scene’s entire light field, which allows you to focus on different objects after you take the photo. Because there’s no focus, the photos are taken instantly. Also, read the five things to know about a light-field camera.

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