Computer Science: The neurons of the future

Human society is often likened to human anatomy. You may have heard someone say that the US interstate highway system is like our own circulatory system. And some people say that the electric power grid is the nervous system.

Not hard to imagine why they call it a 'circulatory system.'

Well that just doesn’t seem right to us. The electric power grid sends power around the country to make things go, and to keep everything functional and moving. Maybe it’s like the muscular system, because it actually does the heavy lifting.

So think about this: though the nervous system might work through electrical signals, its job is to receive data, process it, and send commands to the rest of the body. What do we know in our world which does that?

Short answer: the internet. So if the internet, this giant tunnel of data flying through space, is the nervous system, what constitutes the neurons–those individual pieces which make the internet go?

Computers. Computers transmit data to each other, interact with just about everything these days… and it’s going to interact with even more in the future:

The real future probably won’t be made of little clear glass tablets,
but everything else? Probably.

If you want to work with computers, you have to know the science behind them. That’s the science of programming them, of connecting that one neuron you’re working on to the rest of the nervous system and turning it into a brain. For info on how to get into CS and programming, check out our Teach Yourself Programming series, or just start on Part One.


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