Khan Academy will now actually be an academy

Khan Academy, this very cool free educational website that launched in 2006 on accident, when a really cool college grad student named Salman Khan started doing long-distance tutoring for a relative, has become so successful that they just got a five million dollar grant.

The O’Sullivan Foundation, named after an Irish Engineer, donated the money so Khan Academy could establish itself as a legit education system. First, they’ll get their own faculty (or expand on what they’ve got already: Khan and two doctors). Second, they’ll make a content-management system for the website so the huge pool of videos will be easier to work with. Third, they’ll build a school and launch a summer education program.

Still no word on exactly where the school will be. How cool would it be to go there?

Pretty sweet deal from a guy who just wanted to tutor. He actually quit his job as a hedge fund analyst (good money) to work for this non-profit site he accidentally made. Guess where his passions lie. The guy has been on the Colbert Report for his awesomeness.

The guy has a great background in science and engineering, and is now passing his knowledge for free on his website. Check the website out and see if it helps you study; all the videos are about 10 minutes long.

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