Why you shouldn’t get an engineering degree.

Recently we’ve heard some talk about reasons why science majors might change their minds. We looked in to a few of the reasons and thought, “Get real! They can’t be serious if they think people expect these things out of a science or engineering degree.”

To be clear, we think you should get an engineering or CS degree. We really think that’s the right way to go. But we don’t want you to have any misconceptions about what that takes. It’s tough work. And we want to be real with you, so we wrote a list of

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get An Engineering Degree:

  1. If you expect classes to be easy—classes definitely won’t all be easy.
    Most physical science degrees require Calculus. And others might require Organic Chemistry which is a doozie. It can be intimidating for some people, but don’t fret if you didn’t take it in high school. They’re really not the monsters they’re cracked up to be. Other classes might require a pretty solid amount of studying, but this is what college is all about; if you expect classes to be easy you’re either really smart or really crazy.Seriously though, get real: working hard in college means you get to have a comfortable life forever, and once you finish those classes you’ll never have to worry about passing them again.If you like MMOs, just consider it grinding INT to unlock a new achievement you need to join a really lucrative guild. If you like sports, consider it mental bench pressing so you can make the cut on team tryouts. If you like something else, consider it hard work with a great payoff.
  2. Do you think The Engineer had it easy? He worked hard in college to make it into Team Fortress 2.

  3. If you think every class will be the coolest thing ever—some classes won’t be so cool.
    Yep. Not a single college degree has zero boring classes. Even a degree in sports science will require statistics classes, and probably A&P. But the fact of the matter is that even if it’s not the funnest class in the world, it’s important stuff to know if you want to be a real, legit authority on what you’re interested in. Just suck it up and try to find ways to make it fun. If you’re taking a Technical Writing class for your engineering degree, ask your professor if you can write instructions to survive a zombie invasion, or to make the perfect cheesecake.
  4. If you want a perfect GPA—you probably won’t get a perfect GPA in science fields (not like that matters).
    First of all, get real: GPA isn’t everything! Second of all, it’s pretty well-known that liberal arts degrees have more subjective grading. It’s hard to be subjective when, in science, you either know that y = ln x => y’ = 1/x or you don’t. But no matter what degree you get, GPA is not everything. In fact, it’s much easier to wow potential places of employment with an impressive senior project, no matter what you major in.Remembering that GPA isn’t everything is also a lot of pressure off. Don’t stress about getting an A in the class. Just try to have fun with the information you’re being tested on. Work on projects for fun and use it in a way that you love. Some professor are pretty cool, and if you ask for extra credit by showing them a cool project you did, they will probably give it to you.
  5. If you think every class will be a moving social experience—classes are huge and sometimes it might feel like what some call a diploma factory.
    This is sort of true at big universities, for the first year or two. That’s because there are a lot of people in those lower-division classes. Once you get into upper-division classes, and have had the same professor for more than one class, it gets better. The professors learn your name. You make friends and hang out in study groups. You get involved in team projects and maybe even research work with a professor.But if big classes are too much of a big deal to you, find a smaller university to go to. Or just get your foot in the door big time by insisting you talk to the professors after class. Send them lots of emails, and get them to learn your name. They’re human too! If you show them you’re interested in talking to them, they’ll respond in kind.And remember that college isn’t just a diploma factory. That takes the power of your diploma away from you, where it belongs. Remember that college is your tool, not the other way around—even if it feels that way sometimes.

We don’t want you to have any misconceptions about college. It’s not some magical, romantic oasis. It’s a four-year training regimen to finally equip you to do the awesome things you want to do. Training is never fun in itself. It’s tough work. You’ve got to try to make it fun however you can, and let the results of your hard work be the reward.


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