The One World Trade Center, or Why You Should Be An Architect.

The New York skyline before 9/11/01. The Twin Towers were an iconic feat of engineering

Architecture is probably the most mathematical, engineering-intrinsic forms of art. Beyond just designing a cool building, one has to make every detail of it work perfectly.

Just over a decade ago, terrorists found and exploited a weakness of one of America’s most iconic sets of buildings, in America’s most iconic skyline in New York. Their attack destroyed both buildings and killed thousands, and the still-fresh memory affects many people today.

In memory and honor of the destroyed WTC towers, and those who lost their lives, a new tower is being built called One World Trade Center (actually, seven are being built–some of which are already complete). And, on Ground Zero where the original WTC towers were there is now a beautiful memorial park.

This documentary does a great job of discussing the extremely intricate and thorough engineering process that went behind designing and constructing One World Trade Center, and the Ground Zero Memorial Park.

Very cool documentary which first aired September 7th of this year.
Talk about showing the brains behind the beauty of these buildings.

From pressurizing the stairwells to making a super-reinforced-yet-still-beautiful base, to throwing hammers at glass decorations, the One World Trade Center project will be the legacy of its architect, David Childs.

What the newly-designed WTC complex will look at. 1WTC is on the left, the memorial park in front of that.

Imagine having an accomplishment like the creation of this massive, gorgeous and strong building under your belt. It might not be for everyone, but if thinking about being able to point at this and say “Yeah, that’s my work,” sounds like your thing, then you’re going to wind up learning the art of engineering.

And when you’re an architect, it really is an art.


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