Outdoor quadrotor aerobatics: for fun and for learning.

We’ve done a few features on quadrotors and how awesome they are. A lot of universities are doing research with them as they have very diverse capabilities. They can fly very precisely and very aggressively, and even build stuff.

But here’s one of the first videos we’ve seen with quadrotors doing their impressive thing outdoors.

This particular one is remote-controlled, but a lot of schools
do research with programming them to fly autonomously

A unit like this is only capable of flying this awesomely thanks to the people working on it. And we think we haven’t seen enough of these quadrotor projects in Oregon. These folks don’t appear to be doing it for school. It looks like they’re doing it just for fun.

But you do realize that when you get to college and you major in mechanical engineering or computer science, you’ll have to do some kind of impressive project to even graduate, right?

Which is kind of awesome, since it’s fun enough that people do it in their free time. We’re talking about being able to do something you might do for fun, for school. And we think that’s pretty cool.


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