OSU’s 80 new faculty raring and ready to help you succeed.

A lot of people know OSU is a great college for anyone who wants to become an engineer or computer scientist. Keeping up with their tradition of always getting a little bit better, they’ve recently gotten 80 new faculty members from really prestigious places.

New professors come from colleges like Harvard, Yale, Brown, MIT, Cornell, London’s Imperial College, Stanford and UCLA—to name just a few. Some of those universities are really well-known for their great engineering programs, and now those who have had that premium learning are spreading the love to a public university like OSU?

Clearly, OSU is not only significantly more affordable than those ‘premium’ universities, but it’s premium itself. Awesome.

Oh, and some of the new faculty also come from really prestigious places besides just universities, like NASA, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Wait, it gets better. They’re diverse, too. Not only do these professors come from a lot of places, but they’ve worked in Korea, China, India, the Netherlands, Afghanistan, Great Britain, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, Chile, Switzerland, Romania and Puerto Rico. And what’s more, twenty-five of them are women. A motley crew.

Read these profiles on two of the new engineering professors (taken straight from the OregonLive article cited at the end):

Don't let his kind demeanor fool you. Chad is a reservoir of knowledge.

Chad Higgins is an assistant professor in the Department of Biological and Ecological Engineering with research interests in examining water use and dynamics in the environment generally and agricultural systems specifically. Prior to coming to OSU, he was a research associate and lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. He did his undergraduate studies at Cornell University and completed a masters and doctoral degrees in engineering at Johns Hopkins University.


Professor Balasurbramanian, shown here floating over San Francisco, works in robotics.

Ravi Balasubramanian, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, is coming off of recent stints as an associate research scientist in engineering at Yale University and postdoctoral researcher in computer science and engineering at the University of Washington. He has also worked at Intel Labs in Seattle on transferring human skills to robotic manipulators. Balasubramanian completed his Ph.D. in robotics at Carnegie Mellon University in 2006.  His research is pursuing natural human-robot interaction with applications for prosthetics using neural signals.


Read what we read:


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