Link Dump 12-02

No talking today, just some of the coolest engineering and CS links around:

Stand with Science is a movement that “tells Congress how important
it is to choose cuts carefully and avoid ruining our future while attempting
to save it.”
  • Go to the Stand with Science website and get some information about some political stuff that could have a big impact on your future as a scientist, engineer, programmer, or any of those cool things. This is kind of important.
  • Video comparison of Siri and TellMe, the new voice recognition technology on the iPhone and Windows Phone 7. How can it know if you want pictures of Budapest, and not wood abashed? Hint: good programming.
  • Read about new technology that enables a microscope to ‘resolve objects as small as atoms.’ Engineering research in action.
  • Another cool CS video: Here’s a multiplayer, touch-screen, real-time-strategy game designed by a grad student. (and check out his website for other cool projects.)
  • Image from the quadrotor video. Check out their synchronized flight!

  • Engineers are a motley crew: some sly biological greengineers working with Philips have come up with poo-powered bio lights. About as awesome as it is gross because a lot of salvageable energy comes from human waste.
  • Disposable syringe reuse has always been a concern for disease. And all it takes is one engineer with a clever solution: self-destructing syringes.
  • Quadrotors are big! A French group is going to use quadrotors to build a 6-meter tower. Watch this video of their quadrotors in synchronized flight.

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