U of O gets $2M grant for fuel cell research, showing why their color is green.

Last week, the US Department of Energy announced that the University of Oregon is gonna share a $2 million grant to work on developing hydrogen storage materials. You know, those things that we want to use in electric cars to store energy. Talk about taking their school colors seriously.

UO is sharing the grant with the University of Alabama, a Department of Energy lab and a fuel cell tech company in Massachusetts. The grant will last 3 years and may well be followed up with additional funding.

Shih-Yuan Liu got a PhD from MIT; getting onboard with his research would be a great opportunity in Oregon.

That means if you’re a senior in high school (or even a junior) there’s a good chance you’ll catch this project after it’s well established. The research team who’s going to be doing the work has some undergraduates.

The one who is leading the research is Professor Shih-Yuan Liu, who teaches chemistry at UO’s Materials Science Institute. He’s already done work in the area and is sure to be enthusiastic about this new grant.

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