FLL 2011: Robots and Food Safety

Food Factor is the theme for the 2011 FLL tournament, and it's all about robots and microbes.

You might hear of robots doing surgery, but you don’t often hear about robots in the kitchen. But they sure are going to be this weekend, at the ORTOP FLL Championship: Food Factor.

Check out the challenge guide for the competition. Here’s an excerpt.

How do a veterinarian, a factory worker, a physicist, a truck driver, a mathematician, a farmer, a microbiologist, a nutritionist, a doctor, a warehouse worker, a chemist, a grocer, a technician, an engineer, an inspector, and a programmer work together to keep your food safe?

Beaver Bots team members, demonstrate how their LEGO robot works, in Eagle Point.

It’s grown so much that, compared to 210 participants in 1998, there are now almost 17,000. And though not all of them made it into the championship (which is taking place at Liberty High School in Hillsboro), a lot of them did, and it’s going to be a pretty huge event.

Read about some cool kids from Eagle Point, Oregon, who are gonna be a part of the championship. That’s way down by Medford. There are people all across the state participating, so try to make it to the championship if you can!




2 thoughts on “FLL 2011: Robots and Food Safety

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