Alexandria Moseley & Engineering Your Future.

Last month we briefly mentioned that an OSU student was named one of the 15 most promising engineers in the world. Today, we’re going to give you a more in-depth look into just who she is.

Alexandria loves documentaries like "How It's Made," and decided to be on the other side of those documentaries.

Alexandria Moseley is a 22-year-old Senior at OSU, majoring in industrial and manufacturing engineering. She’s from Newberg, your average city with an average population. Just 22,000 people—bigger than some cities but smaller than others. There’s nothing exceptional about where she comes from.

Yet somehow, she’s exceptional. Not a product of where she’s from, but also not an anomaly, she made her own future the same way any engineer makes a solution. Alexandria decided what she wanted and made a plan to get it.

In 2008 she landed an internship at A-dec, Inc., which makes dental equipment. Pretty cool for anyone who likes watching How It’s Made or reading How Stuff Works. It’s not the product itself but the process, right? Well to be honest, the product is pretty cool since dental equipment helps improve peoples’ lives. She said this about the internship: “It seems like a lot of common sense, but there’s a lot of science behind it.”

That would have been her Freshman year if she’s a senior in 2012. So after that she went on to become an ambassador for OSU’s College of Engineering. She’s been going to high schools for the past 3 years to show others how great engineering is.

She also joined the OSU chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)—of which she is now the chair. How does she just climb the ranks like that?

Persistence. She reportedly spends about 10 hours a week on engineering stuff—specifically, College of Engineering activities—and that kind of persistence is bound to get some attention.

And yes, it did. That’s how she got to be named one of the 15 most promising engineers in the world. She was nominated by the SME Education Foundation—with which she’d been working, being chair of OSU’s chapter. Her persistence and hard work gave her merit, and she wound up making the cut!

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