Getting the real drop on next year’s robotics/programming competitions with real grants.

It might be a little late for this year, but if there’s one thing we want you to understand is just how cool Oregon’s robotics and programming competitions are. Like the upcoming OGPC 5.0, for example (which you can still register for!). There are some pretty spectacular opportunities out there for you, if you’ll just reach out and grab them. So get the drop on next year’s round of competitions by having your teacher apply for a grant, so your school can start its own team!

Sometimes it’s tough to get a team started, simply because the people who want to do it just don’t have the tools they feel the need. For a programming competition, that means laptops and textbooks. For robotics, that means LEGO NXT brains, books, and probably also laptops. And those things are not cheap!

If you email your teacher the links at the end of this post, or let them see the links some other way, there’s a good chance they will just go ahead and apply. As of today, there is still plenty of time–about 2 and a half weeks–to write a good application for next year. And a good application means a good chance of getting accepted, which means one important thing: money.

In an idealist’s world money would never be a problem, but the truth is that sometimes it is. Oregon has programs like these grants to help even things out, but you still have to earn your money by writing a good application and showing you’ll use the money well! We want you to succeed just as much as you want to, which means you’ve got to want it.

So send your teacher an email. Now.

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Handy grant stuff:

Cool programming competition stuff:


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